The countdown at Crossfaith’s official site is now down to 0. And a new album has been announced to be released on September 16 later this year in Japan! For the rest of the world, September 18 is the day you should pay attention to.

During the time they were in the US, the members or Crossfaith were using the #XENO hashtag throughout their social media. But we didn’t know at the time that they were teasing the name of a new upcoming album.

Alongside with this announcement, it was revealed the title track as a lyric video. You can receive the song as an instant (and free) MP3 download if you pre-order the album.

01. System X
02. Xeno
03. Raise Your Voice
04. Devil’s Party
05. Ghost In The Mirror (feat Caleb Shomo)
06. Dystopia
07. Wildfire (feat Benji Webbe)
08. Tears Fall
09. Paint It Black
10. Vanguard
11. Calm The Storm
12. Astral Heaven

Crossfaith – Xeno:
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