A new metal sensation called Ohayo Gozaimasu was recently formed by three gentlemen by the name of Utsu, Nagi and Saba, and their first release is called Sugoi!

Some of these names might be familiar, like Utsu, or better known as Utsu-P, a vocaloid music producer—indicated by the “P”—who is well known for his vocaloid metal compositions! Of course, the name Saba might also ring a bell as this is the same guy who provided vocals for the melodic death metal band, MergingMoon. So now you know the identity of these two individuals, but what about Nagi? Unlike Utsu and Saba, Nagi haven’t had much internet presence, but he is in fact a former junior high classmate of Utsu.

While their first release was uploaded just three weeks ago, the band actually started taking shape back in 2013. It started with the initiative of Utsu who invited Nagi to join him as a guitarist, since that day, they’ve been extensively on the search for a vocalist. After a year of search, they finally found a perfect match, Saba.

The roles are divided as such (from left to right):

Utsu: Bass and programming
Nagi: Guitar and chorus
Sabi: Vocals

Ohayou Gozaimasu

You may take a listen to their first release in the embedded video above, below we’ll introduce you to some of these member’s past work.

Utsu-P – Imperfect Animals:

MergingMoon – Manifestation:

More info:
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