D=OUT is set to make 2024 an unforgettable year, with exciting announcements made during their 17th-anniversary tour finale at Shibuya Veats on March 4. Among the revelations is the release of D=OUT’s 16th studio album, Gokudou (極∀道), scheduled for August 8, 2024.

Hinting at the theme of the album, the band revealed a new key image of the members rocking delinquent-style tracksuits. Commemorating the release of Gokudou, D=OUT kicks off a nationwide headlining tour this August, promising a musical pilgrimage for fans across Japan.

Additionally, D=OUT has reopened their official fan club, ZIPANG, offering exclusive perks to members. This includes access to a members-only site with limited content, the opportunity to apply for fan club events, and more. Fans can anticipate a limited live tour exclusively for fan club members, sometime this year.

Despite the imminent closure of Shinjuku Blaze this July, D=OUT plans to bid farewell to the venue with a special performance on June 27. Shinjuku Blaze is an important venue for the band, where they commemorated their 5th anniversary in the past.

Looking ahead, the band dropped a final surprising announcement—D=OUT will hold a headlining performance at the Tokyo International Forum on April 27, 2025.

While more details are yet to be revealed, it’s clear that 2024 is set to be a pivotal year for D=OUT, filled with music, fan engagement, and memorable performances. Stay tuned for updates as the excitement unfolds.

Though we’re eagerly awaiting Gokudou, you can still stream D=OUT’s latest single, Kaguya no Susume.

Meanwhile, check out the photos below from D=OUT’s 17th-anniversary tour finale at Shibuya Veats on March 4.

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