“Ashmaze.” releases their sixth single IGNITE on February 28, and the title track’s fiery music video is out now. The visuals show the band members being engulfed by burning embers.

To fully embrace all meanings of the word IGNITE, the sinister song is matched with burning film alongside distressing black and white footage and film grain. All of this materializes as they perform in a square formation with vocalist Souma in the middle covered in chains. It’s that blazing sound and visual combination that creates both an intense and exhilarating music video!

Ashmaze. - IGNITE (Official Music Video)

Bassist Ryu contributes metallic basslines, while drummer Saitaku beats the tom drums with intensity. This combines with breakneck guitars and wildly dancing spotlights, creating a dynamic and immersive musical experience. Then there’s vocalist Souma delivering vocals from a lightbox, quite literally taking his vocals to new heights.

According to Ashmaze.’s announcement, the single IGNITE includes the title track, the coupling track Kazahana, and their respective instrumental versions. It also contains a DVD featuring the IGNITE music video and related behind-the-scenes footage. Keep an eye on Ashmaze.’s official webshop for more details.

Their artist photos for IGNITE show the band in vastly different outfits of orange, purple, black, white, and red.

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  2. Kazahana
  3. IGNITE-Instrumental ver.-
    IGNITE-Instrumental ver.-
  4. Kazahana-Instrumental ver.-
    カザハナ-Instrumental ver.-
  2. IGNITE Behind The Scenes
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