On February 16, “0.1g no gosan” (0.1gの誤算) released two captivating music videos for the singles Suiren no hanakotoba and Artemis no yutsu -jukou to Maria-. 0.1g no gosan are known for producing extremely high-quality music videos, and Suiren no hanakotoba and Artemis no yutsu -jukou to Maria- are no different.

In the past, 0.1g no gosan produced music videos with a thrilling story to get engrossed in. However, this time the band has gone in the direction of a traditional music video showcasing the band playing through songs as the new visuals transport you to another world. Taking place in an industrial setting, the military-esque outfits are flashy yet threatening, perfectly fitting the two songs’ styles.

Just like the intimidating military appearance, the music also features 0.1g no gosan’s distinctive chaotic sound. Suiren no hanakotoba, the heaviest of the two is crammed with monstrous growls and high-tempo guitar riffs to get your blood pumping.

0.1gの誤算/睡蓮の華言葉(MV FULL)

In contrast,  Artemis no yutsu -jukou to Maria- contains a chaotic arrangement with upbeat, catchy choruses.

0.1gの誤算/アルテミスの憂鬱〜銃口とマリア〜(MV FULL)

0.1g no gosan also revealed new artist photos to accompany the dovetailing releases. Check out the new visuals for each member below.

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