Crossfaith has announced the departure of bassist Ikegawa Hiroki (Hiro) and expresses gratitude for his 16 years with the band. The announcement was made during the ongoing tour, “Japan Tour 2024 – Departure -“, to address the situation openly with fans.

In the announcement, each member shared their thoughts, including Hiro himself.

Hiro shared a heartfelt message with gratitude, while also expressing readiness for the future. Although no explicit reason was mentioned, all the messages from the members showed mutual understanding and respect for the decision.

Despite the situation, Crossfaith suggests that they’ll keep going with making new music and performing, and they hope fans will stick with them and keep showing support.

Proceed below to read the official English messages shared by the members.

Bassist Hiro

Hello, It’s been a while. I’ve been doing good, and It’s snowing outside here now. I’m sitting, writing this and remembering all the paths we went through. Every gig was its own odyssey. Every gig has its own story.

I tried to express what I’m feeling and thinking now with so many words. But after all, all I want to say was thank you for being with us and I had a good time like I used to say after the show.

My and their odyssey, called one’s life, are still going on as long as we live.

“Even darkness must pass”, my old friend mentioned this all the time so I leave this quote here.

I’ve been still feeling well and surrounded by my Smiles. And I’m ready to discover what the future has in store for us and me. Until then, please know it’s been the joy of a lifetime to spend the last 16 years with Crossfaith and you.

I’ll see you down the road.

Vocalist Koie

We have been searching for a way for all of us to stay together until the very end. However, upon careful consideration about the future of Crossfaith and each one of us, Hiro and we have decided to go our separate ways.

We have come to this decision after discussing and confronting our feelings probably for the longest time in my life. I myself had taken it for granted that Hiro and I would be in a band together for the rest of our lives, and I never thought this day would come.

After much consideration however, all I can say is, we gotta move forward. I want everyone to remember that although Hiro is no longer with the band Crossfaith,
He will always be a part of our family and our friends.

Without a doubt, what Crossfaith is today and all of our accomplishments are because Hiro was with us. It may be selfish of me to say, but I hope that everyone will understand this decision Hiro and we made, and wish us the best for all our future endeavors.

Guitarist Kazuki

First of all, I am sorry to disappoint that our band will not continue in the way everyone had hoped and expected. I never imagined that this day would come, but we have come to this decision,
after much consideration about the future of both of our lives.

The fact that Hiro had been a huge part of Crossfaith will never change, and we are grateful for all the priceless memories and experiences he brought to us.
I am delighted that we can still call him our good friend.

Although we decided to go separate ways, I hope our fans will continue to support Hiro as he takes on his new challenge.

There are many more stories we want to tell our fans, and I believe the best possible way for us to do so, is through our music and live performances, so please continue to support us.

Life is unpredictable. We will live our lives to the fullest.

Thank you for always supporting Crossfaith.

Programmer Teru

I still clearly remember the day I first met Hiro. When he became a part of our band, it felt like all the pieces have finally come together for Crossfaith.

Our friendship continues, and I hope he moves forward in life while cherishing the memories we shared together.

Drummer Tatsuya

Thank you to all our fans who have been supporting Crossfaith.

We did not want to worry our fans by keeping the ambiguous situation as a band, so I hope that you understand we are making this announcement on tour. It is difficult for us to accept the departure of our dear friend whom we shared so much memories and challenges touring together in Japan and overseas.

After much discussion, however, we have come to the conclusion that this is the best decision we can make for each of our future.

We are sorry to disappoint our fans with this announcement, but Hiro and we will be positively moving forward, so we ask for your understanding and continued support for both Hiro and Crossfaith.

We wish Hiro the best in his future endeavors, and sincerely thank him for his 16 years of contribution to Crossfaith!

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