EGOIST declares that it will cease activities after the two upcoming concerts:

  • EGOIST LIVE 2023 Fleeting Ruby “The Crescendo”0923 OSAKA
  • EGOIST LIVE 2023 Resonant Indigo “Echoes of Everlasting”1009 YOKOHAMA

The former concert will take place on September 23, and the latter on October 9, respectively. For those unable to attend in person, tickets will be available for online viewing via the Japanese video platform, niconico.

The sudden news emerged on August 26, with EGOIST expressing its sincere gratitude to the fans who have supported the group since its debut in 2011 with the anime theme song for Guilty Crown.

In a separate Twitter announcement, vocalist chelly expressed how EGOIST allowed her to grow but recognizes that she still has a long way to go. Notably, with the end of EGOIST, chelly will be continuing her solo work under the name “reche”, a project started back in 2021.

As to why EGOIST has decided to conclude its activities, there is not a single trace of indication in the official announcement. However, an objective observation of EGOIST’s activities in the past years shows that it has been quite sparse.

In the past, EGOIST consistently released new music, with at least one release per year, but eventually dropped off from that pattern. When EGOIST picked up activities again, a significant shift occurred in its music production.

EGOIST’s primary composer, ryo (supercell), had stepped back from the role of the main composer. Instead, they began collaborating with guest composers such as M2U, Giga, and Teddyloid. ryo shared in a community post that although he was no longer the main composer, he would continue to offer support and guidance to the group.

In 2021, vocalist chelly began her solo music career under the name “reche”, alongside EGOIST.

Remarkably, EGOIST surprised with its 2023 release, Toujisha, composed by ryo himself. In my view, while this development initially seemed promising, in hindsight, Toujisha might serve more as closure. However, this is strictly my personal opinion.

As of now, all we can look forward to is the two upcoming shows. Hopefully, we will learn even more about the future activities of the two original members, chelly and ryo.

πŸ—“ DateπŸ“ Location🌎 CountryπŸ”— Info
September 23, 2023
OsakaπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ JapanTickets
October 09, 2023
YokohamaπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ JapanTickets
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