Yoshiki postpones single REQUIEM due to several factors, including conflicting feelings, and hectic schedule.

Yoshiki, renowned as the leader and drummer of X Japan, made an announcement on Twitter regarding the postponement of his upcoming solo single REQUIEM. The single was initially planned to be released on July 21, but due to conflicting feelings towards how to end the song, Yoshiki is unable to finish composing REQUIEM at this point in time.

…for the memorial song for my deceased mother REQUIEM, I can’t decide how to end the song, because of my feelings for my mother. I’ll finish composing soon. I’m sorry.

REQUIEM holds a significance as a heartfelt song dedicated to Yoshiki’s late mother. In a subsequent tweet, Yoshiki expressed his uncertainty about whether the song should conclude with a major or minor chord, representing a choice between a positive or negative tone. Symbolically, this decision carries profound meaning for Yoshiki, and he hopes that his fans can understand this point.

New Song #REQUIEM I’m done with my composition
I just can’t decide whether to end in a bright, major chord or a dark, minor chord

Additionally, as shared in our exclusive interview with Yoshiki in 2017, he mentioned how his mother supported his dream of becoming a drummer.

[My mother] helped me in the beginning to pursue my dreams.

I told her I wanted to “bang the drums”, and she eventually got me a drum set.

Despite the postponement, we’ve received a preview of REQUIEM in a teaser format.

"REQUIEM" Composed by YOSHIKI レクイエム (Teaser)

Furthermore, the postponement was not only affected by the conflicting feelings, but also due to a hectic release schedule that Yoshiki is involved in.

In addition to working on REQUIEM, Yoshiki is producing the boy band XY’s debut release, Crazy Love, on June 30. Stacking it up further, Yoshiki’s super band THE LAST ROCKSTARS has upcoming music planned, while X Japan’s first single in eight years, ANGEL, is out on July 28.

Yoshiki is also self-aware that he gets criticized for not delivering in time, and in the initial tweet, he opened with:

Although I’ve been criticized for being delayed. I’m staking my life on all of these projects. My fans please believe me.

The announcement for Yoshiki’s solo single REQUIEM, and X Japan’s single ANGEL, was made at LA GRAMMY Museum on May 5.

If you’re interested in catching up, we attended the event and captured the highlights of the press conference, take a look!

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