Prepare to embrace the dark wave revival—hot on the heels of Cruel World Festival 2023 in California, come rumblings in Japan from globally active synthpop band Aural Vampire. After five years of silence, Aural Vampire just released the five-track digital EP, “Wani”(鰐). The name means “alligator” or “crocodile”, as illustrated by the frightening reptilian eye vocalist EXO-CHIKA sports on the cover.

Released on DJ RAVEMAN’s birthday, May 27, Wani merges synthpop, New Wave, industrial, psychedelic, and drum and bass, resulting in a truly unique auditory journey.

Dive into the abyss of Wani as EXO-CHIKA’s mesmerizing vocals intertwine with chunky synth layers, creating a sinister yet irresistible blend of dark wave goodness. The relentless, hollow drum machine beats will send shivers down any goth’s spine, igniting their black heart with ethereal delight.

Wani is available to stream worldwide and is also available to purchase on platforms such as iTunes.

We find BASARA particularly delicious.

About Aural Vampire

Since their formation in 2004, Aural Vampire has mesmerized audiences with their hauntingly captivating music. Led by the ethereal vocals of EXO-CHIKA and the skillful beats of DJ RAVEMAN, this dynamic duo has left an indelible mark on the music scene.

In 2008, Aural Vampire signed with the prestigious label Avex Trax propelling their career to new heights. They wowed fans worldwide with the release of a set of three self-titled EPs on iTunes, setting the stage for their groundbreaking second album, Zoltank which dropped on May 5, 2010.

Aural Vampire has graced renowned anime conventions across the globe, casting a spell over crowds at events like Katsucon on the US east coast and AnimagiC in Germany. Their hypnotic performances have even taken them on a memorable North American tour in 2010, where they provided support for the acclaimed Canadian band, The Birthday Massacre.

Aural Vampire’s dark allure has enchanted crowds across the globe as they continue to push boundaries and reignite the gothic music scene with their unique sound. Join the cult following and immerse yourself in their sonic realm!

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