Virtual singer Alba Sera unleashes an original song, God Willing, in collaboration with the talented Vocaloid metal producer Utsu-P, who not only wrote the lyrics but also composed and arranged the song.

Released on April 26, the song blends the distinctive qualities of both artists, such as Utsu-P’s djent-like guitar riffs and electronic backings, alongside Alba Sera’s powerful vocals infused with attitude.

As described by Alba Sera herself:

This is the most powerful bludgeoning music. Today, the diva will reign once again, if God wills it.

You can listen to the song via the music video below, alternatively, stream or download it from all the major digital platforms.

God Willing | アルバ・セラ【OFFICIAL VIDEO】

Alba Sera previously covered Utsu-P’s song Getemono, so it’s interesting to see the development of an actual collaboration.

Notably, the artwork featured in Getemono is created by the same illustrator who worked on the art for God Willing, that is, MANOdeMARINA. Both pieces depict Alba Sera in a mad, almost psychotic, manner.

Another noteworthy collaboration from the past was the creation of Scarlet Pulsation, a fast-paced track composed by Maruyama Baku, the guitarist of the metalcore band “a crowd of rebellion“. If you haven’t yet, come on over here to give it a listen.

About Alba Sera

Alba Sera is part of the “VERSEn” VTuber project launched by Sony Music Entertainment Japan with the aim to become a cross-media series. Together with four other members, she debuted on November 19, 2021.

A girl who sticks to her beliefs even in loneliness.

She is quite hard on herself and not very good at socializing, but she does care about others and has a lovely side of a little girl. She sings her heart out strongly through her doubts and conflicts.

VERSEn story introduction


Rin is gazing at the sky as usual, like she always does.

In between our eyelids of daydream lie the existence of our reality as well as other unexplainable fantastical universes. Lin lives across all universes and knows 5 girls that she considers her friends.

Once upon a time, all universes started to decay and influence each other as if they were drawn into by some sort of force. Soon after one universe could not withstand and had completely fallen. The memories of all girls have now revived in our reality. Following the footsteps of Lin, the truth beholds.

In order to reach that very place, all the girls had decided to speak upon us and the world.

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