NOILION, the trio produced by TeddyLoid joins forces with world-renowned artist MIYAVI to produce RAYS, the opening theme song for the final season of the anime ULTRAMAN. The series streams worldwide on Netflix starting May 11. The digital single RAYS hits music streaming platforms the same day.

Check out the official artist comments below!

Comment from NOILION

ULTRAMAN FINAL Season is finally here!

This time…!

As NOILION, we are truly honored to sing the opening theme song for the final season, following the previous one, along with MIYAVI, an artist we respect and admire!

The story is about Shinjiro, who is burdened with the fate of the world, and who faces hardships and struggles as he moves forward.

This is a story of many intersecting destinies, sometimes colliding with each other, while also overlapping and progressing together.

We were greatly inspired by the message overflowing from the work.

We created the song RAYS, putting our passion and respect into every sound and word.

We sincerely hope that the ULTRAMAN FINAL Season will be a “light” for the future, for people living today.

Comment from MIYAVI

Japanese heroes save the world.

As a Japanese person, this alone is enough to get me excited.

The final season is about to begin.

What will happen to the story?

What will happen to the world and Shinjiro?

I, too, will be thrilled and excited as I run through the story with the song RAYS together with NOILION.

You can catch a preview of RAYS towards the end of the anime trailer, below! The digital single will also be available on streaming services such as Spotify when the anime debuts on May 11. You can pre-save the links to streaming services here.

【解禁!】アニメ『ULTRAMAN』FINAL -Official Main Trailer-《2023年5月11日 Netflixにて全世界配信!! 》

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