Osaka quartet SCANDAL began streaming its sixth digital single Line of sight on March 15. The tune was dedicated as the theme music for the card battle game Mobile Suit Gundam Arsenal Base, available to play in Japanese arcades. To match the tie-up, the pop rockers also refreshed their official artist photo with futuristic neon hues, a change-up compared to the blanched hoodie and sweats from the 2022 album MIRROR.

Although the song is accessible now on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, physical copies will drop in three different versions on May 10. Regular Edition includes just the CD containing Line of sight plus one B-side. First Edition adds some bonus footage on a DVD or Blu-ray. Complete Production-Limited Edition replaces the second disc with an exclusive Bandai Namco Passport game card, which stores user ID and save data for the arcade game.

Within seconds of TOMOMI’s bass intro, Line of sight takes a sharp turn from the previous dance fusion number one more time and the adult-contemporary MIRROR. Rather, guitarist MAMI and drummer RINA pen a spirited dash that realigns SCANDAL back with its rock and roll roots. Akin to past single SPICE and signature anthem Shunkan Sentimental, the delightful spitfire chorus sounds like it could leave even the mighty vocalist HARUNA without breath.

From left to right: Bassist TOMOMI, lead guitarist MAMI, vocalist and rhythm guitarist HARUNA, and drummer RINA

SCANDAL plans to commemorate the release of Line of sight with in-person signing events. The members are scheduled to make appearances at music retailers in Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, and Fukuoka on May 9, Osaka on May 10, and Tokyo on May 11.

In-person signing of the physical “Line of sight” CD will take place in Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuoka (May 9), Osaka (May 10), and Tokyo (May 11)

In the days leading up, SCANDAL will perform across Japan in the brief 2023 circuit unlimited UTOPIA. The tour kicks off in Nagoya on April 7 and concludes in Tokyo on May 4.

Schedule for “SCANDAL TOUR 2023 unlimited UTOPIA”

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