Normally, music videos provide a glowing and polished look at the music business—made up, fully styled, with dramatic camera work. However, MUCC’s music video for -yo- (耀 ) provides a more raw look at the ins and outs of band life, from backstage meetings to intimate small-venue performances.


The video shows band members as they are, wearing masks in public and sanitizing their hands. The video finds its own understated instances of drama in pieces of masking tape, with lyrics to the song written in permanent marker, plastered about the stage. It reminds us of the humble, hard work behind the glamor, and the reality of the feeling in the music we consume.

MUCC’s two-sided single -so-/-yo- (想/耀 ) was a concert-only limited release, released on March 4, 2023. The single comes with a karaoke version of each track. The release marks the start of MUCC’s 25th-anniversary tour.

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