Ex-Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo Kinoshita announces debut live performances for his new project, KNOSIS. The shows take place in Japan on April 1 in Osaka, April 2 in Nagoya, and April 8 in Tokyo. These shows come hot on the heels of the recent MAGIC HOUR tour, a string of five shows across Japan that saw KNOSIS tour alongside Australian pop-punk outfit Stand Atlantic, and established band Survive Said The Prophet.

Tickets for Osaka and Tokyo sold out almost as quickly as they went on sale, but as of writing, there are tickets available for the show in Nagoya; tickets can be found here!

The project KNOSIS was founded just last year in 2022, and only recently released its first single “Sei-Sai” last month.

KNOSIS performing live on the first day of the Magic Hour tourTOYA @__tpwbo

During his time with Crystal Lake, Ryo built himself a reputation as one of the greatest vocalists in heavy music, with one of the most intense and lively of stage presences. He practically became a global superstar within the heavy music scene. Having featured on countless other artists tracks with his gruff brand of hardcore style vocals, the future of KNOSIS will almost undoubtedly be just as visceral and intense as Ryo’s previous endeavors.

It’s hard to know just yet exactly in what direction this project will unfold, whether it tread down a more experimental route, or remain firmly grounded in an all-out heavy metal styling. However, it’s safe to say Ryo will be just as energetic and brutal a frontman at these shows as he ever has.


The official tour poster for the KNOSIS debut live shows


Hopefully this is just the beginning of many more shows to come. With no doubt, many international fans of Ryo and his music clamoring for their first chance to catch this new iteration—an iteration of Ryo’s commendable work in the heavy music world.

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