Former vocalist of Crystal Lake, Ryo Kinoshita, has begun a new journey with project “KNOSIS”. His departure from the metalcore band Crystal Lake was announced back in October, a decision made due to Ryo’s struggle with mental disorder.

The new project has only been public since late December, and so far on the social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram), it is being teased with the line “Know that you know nothing about me. I am KNOSIS.”. The caption is coupled with a short video teaser alongside an audio snippet.

However, when venturing outside social media, we can see that KNOSIS is described as an “experimental metalcore project” as reported by gekirock. KNOSIS will also be joining the five-date domestic tour “MAGIC HOUR” hosted by Survive Said The Prophet in January 2023.

Based on all the pieces we have at this time, the project looks to be quite interesting. If you want to be one of the first to experience KNOSIS live, you can grab your tickets to the shows via the ticketing service “eplus”.

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