Knosis, the new project from ex-Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo released their debut single “Sei-Sai” (星砕) on January 18. This powerhouse of a single comes before the release of their EP, due out on March 22.

Knosis, founded in 2022 consists of ex-Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo, Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet), and Daiki (Made in Me) with production by The Hideout Studios. Based on the concept that “Knowledge is what gives us humanity”, Knosis expresses new possibilities of heavy music without being bound by the existing notion of a “band”.

The track incorporates other genres that have influenced Ryo, like industrial, hip-hop, black metal, and death metal.

Pounding and rapid, Sei-Sai breaks out of the gate at full sprint. Though clocking in at a break-neck speed of under three minutes, the song compounds waves of emotion and adrenaline that must be heard to be believed.

Knosis | 星砕(Seisai) | Official Music Video

The initial chaos bends into a rhythmic spitting of vocals backed by blasting drum beats. The barking refrains settle into a jarring pivot of harmonic synth. We’ve heard a bit of this in Crystal Lake’s heavy hitters such as Aeon, but Knosis’ Sei-Sai kicks in the door with a new standard of metalcore. Make no mistake, this is a whole new kind of animal.

Indeed, the single represents a chimera cleanly seamed together of different genres, creating a new musical monster. You can hear each element cleanly, and music enthusiasts will be thrilled to dissect each influence.

Sei-Sai is just a taste of Knosis’ potential. It is now available to stream and download, so check out the music links below!

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