In December 2022, DEXCORE abruptly announced that bassist kai and drummer reizi would leave the band back with less than two weeks’ notice. However, fast-forward to January 2023, and the band has already overcome this trial, returning with a new bassist and support drummer!

First, DEXCORE revealed that their previous bassist TO-RU, who left in 2020, has re-joined. It’s rare that members rejoin the band they were once in so to bear witness to such an occasion is oddly cool.

Not only that, but they also confirmed that their support drummer will be MAKI from bands UNDEAD CORPORATION, Broken By The Scream, and GYZE (who recently changed their name to “RYUJIN”).

Signaling their return, DEXCORE holds an event titled DEX FEST -2023- on February 18 at Nagoya DIAMOND HALL. The event’s line-up consists of artists such as UNVEIL RAZE, a crowd of rebellion, Cazqui’s Brutal Orchestra, DEVILOOF, JILUKA, PROMPTS, and SABLE HILLS. The event will undoubtedly be a metal extravaganza!

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