DEXCORE abruptly announced that bassist Kai and drummer Reizi will both leave the band after their performance at the fiveStars presents ‘CONFESSION OF PHILOSOPHY-40min×4MAN-‘ event on December 27. Thereafter, they will continue forward with support members.

The announcement, translated into English below, details bassist kai’s and reizi’s reasons for leaving. First is kai, who leaves the band for health concerns. Next is drummer reizi’s situation which involves wanting to face new challenges outside of music.

The translation of the announcement alongside kai’s and reizi’s comment is as follows:

~Departure of bassist kai and drummer reizi announcement~

Thank you for your continued support of DEXCORE.

This is an extremely sudden announcement, but today we are sorry to announce the departure of bassist kai and drummer reizi. From the bottom of our hearts, we express our sincerest apologies to our fans and all the people involved in the band’s activities.

In regards to bassist kai:

Despite receiving proper medical care due to the deterioration of his health condition since the beginning of autumn without any impact on the band’s activities, his symptoms eventually got worse, affecting significantly his body and mind. It led to additional anxiety that quickly requires further medical treatment according to the doctor’s diagnosis and instructions. After several discussions with kai, we have suddenly decided that he will leave the band before the end of the year.

In regards to drummer reizi:

reizi has recently mentioned his desire to face new challenges that aren’t related to music, which appear to be extremely difficult to combine with the band’s activities. After some discussions with him, we have decided that reizi will leave the band at the same time as bassist kai.

The current lineup will continue until the show on December 27, 2022. kai and reizi will sadly leave DEXCORE after it, but we are looking forward to your support until the end.

Once again we deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by this sudden announcement to our fans who keep supporting us for such a long time. We are hoping for your unwavering support and encouragement from now on.

We will communicate about shows from December 27 and the new live schedule, and keep going with future support members. DEXCORE will keep striving to reach as many people as possible with our music.

Also, the video record of the show Oneman Live -18- TOKYO will be released as planned, please expect another announcement with more details about it in the coming days.

Jelly Records

Bassist kai:

Thank you everyone for supporting me until now as kai from DEXCORE.
I joined the band two years ago in the spring, and many good and bad things happened during that time. Memories that I will never forget. Anyway, laughing like an idiot with everyone, doing music with all my heart, and having fun on stage were pure happiness to me. Holding shows with these members and as a member of DEXCORE myself was incredibly fun and unforgettable.

I can’t thank them enough but I would like to express my gratitude to kagami, yumeto, and reizi. Let’s go have a drink someday, ok? When we’ll meet again, tell me everything about the new DEXCORE. It will probably be frustrating to hear, and maybe I’ll be jealous too, but more than that, I think it will give me courage. I guess it will make me feel that I can’t stay here, standing still, while you guys are keeping going. I need to advance too. I’ll do my best, so do your best too guys. Because I’ll always support you. Let me say it once again here, but my love for DEXCORE will never change.

For now, I’ll have some rest and let my body recover, but DEXCORE is without a doubt a band that will keep creating outstanding music, aim for bigger and bigger venues, and fly over the rest of the world. That’s why I’m asking everyone to keep supporting them from now on, thank you.

Drummer reizi:

Thank you for supporting me, reizi, as the drummer of DEXCORE, until now.
I started playing drums at 9 years old, played in various bands as a member or support, and eventually met DEXCORE. It is actually the first band I was genuinely involved in.
Performing in different venues, on various stages, and meeting lots of new people, I was completely lost in all of this, but DEXCORE was always here to guide me, as well as you, fans.
While being known by many people and standing on stage was truly a beautiful world, I also had to carry a burden as heavy as this happiness at the same time.
But I see this burden as something necessary that will make me grow and let me get to what I’m missing. Looking back at my life, I can tell that DEXCORE and its fans were a huge part of my life. Thank you sincerely.

Even if DEXCORE’s members change, far from wavering, the band is concealing a power that is getting bigger.
They will unleash this strength, and the band and fans will grow together during shows. This is the kind of scenery that I want you to create together.
Please keep supporting DEXCORE from now on.
Thank you again for everything until now.

DEXCORE’s first live Blu-ray titled ONEMAN LIVE -18- TOKYO is still scheduled to release on February 25, 2023. The Blu-ray contains live footage taken from their Shibuya Spotify O-WEST performance on September 4, 2022. You can watch their performance of THE LIGHT and two other songs from the performance below:


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