Shocking news came that visual kei band Initial’L will disband following their one-man live performance at Shibuya STAR LOUNGE on May 29, 2022.

The band’s official statement does little to provide context or background, simply stating that Initial’L will dissolve after its final performance. However, some of the band members provided comments with insight on the situation, some of them optimistic, others deeply personal.

We’ve translated it below along with comments from some of the members.

Statement from Initial’L:

We want to thank you for always supporting Initial’L.

After talking to all the members, we’ve decided to disband as of the Shibuya STAR LOUNGE one-man performance on May 29, 2022 (Sunday).

Furthermore, as for Hiyuu’s departure concert which has been postponed, it has been decided to cancel it altogether because it has proven difficult to adjust our schedules to meet with his.

We will give our everything at our last remaining performance, so let’s complete Initial’L at the venue.


Guitarist Zero:

Just as was stated in the official announcement, we will disband after May 29, 2022.

If I start from the conclusion, let’s say that a lot happened, leading to a critical lack of motivation.

All members were thinking about leaving the band or even disbanding but somehow weren’t able to put words to it and actually say it… Until now.

There are many reasons explaining that decision, but I will only talk about things related to me, from my point of view.

I’m not a person who can explain things with style and showing off definitely doesn’t match my personality, but as an artist I’ll try to express myself in the most respectful way towards everyone.

Just like before, if I start from the end, the band isn’t ending in hatred, I still do love music and the other members. The thing is my heart ran out of fuel to continue with the band. During the coronavirus crisis, my free time increased and I had time to think and find myself again.
I feel bad for the people who supported me, but at that time when I was standing on stage in the middle of this emotional storm, all I wanted was to make it clear in my mind and decide to continue or to stop.

I tried many different things until I could decide for myself. I thought that maybe if I performed in shows that I really wanted to participate in, it would boost my motivation. I played as a support member and submitted songs from my side. I didn’t want to take distance with music, at any cost.

I talked with many friends and seniors, and thought a lot.

Now that I think about it, doing a band with the same members for ten years and more is something incredibly difficult, and maybe I lost my way because I relied on them too much.

Well, I actually wanted to rely on them [laughs]. But during such a long time, we, together as a band, went through so many happy and sad things.

When we discussed disbanding, of course somewhere inside me there was the feeling that we still could continue, but I didn’t say it.

The very first thing I thought was that what matters isn’t the music that I personally wanted to do, but what was going to happen to each member’s life from now.

If it comes to me, well, I can still think of what I want to after that. Inside me, I just need to say to myself, “Let’s do music!”. And I’ll somehow make it true in one way or another, that’s why I’ve also suggested to disband.

That’s why, for our last show I want to laugh and have fun, I want to talk too much and for too long during the MC sessions, it’s ok if we cry too, but in the end, I want to be able to say “that was so fun!!!!!”.

After that, I would like you to keep supporting the other members in their life.

End of the serious talk! From tomorrow as well, I want to upload some meaningless stories! Because I don’t want to be upset or make you upset!

I’m really sorry for the sudden announcement, but I don’t want to have any regrets until the end, it’s the last time after all! I’ll do my best and keep going on, thank you in advance for your support!

Drummer Ichiro:

Sorry for the sudden announcement. I’m sorry I couldn’t perform at Hii-kun’s departure concert. I can’t find the words to put together. Since I received a lot of words of encouragement from various people involved, I will follow this through to completion. We’ll put on the coolest concert in the band’s life so far. Thank you.

Guitarist Satoshi:

Bands disappear suddenly and end one day. That’s what makes them so cool.

But at the same time, the time has come for our lives to change and the end has come.

I’m sorry we can’t perform Hii-kun’s departure concert. We really tried. There’s so much I want to tell you all but, at our final venue

I want to give you my very best

“Thank you Baby !!”.

Initial’L formed in 2016, consisting of members of the disbanded visual kei band Lycaon. Since then they released one full album, one mini-album, and eight singles. Initial’L was active overseas, performing in the US at Katsucon, and appearing on Chaotic Harmony’s first omnibus album, “Chaos Collection“.

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