Japanese music promotion company Chaotic Harmony will release their first omnibus album, titled Chaos Collection in December. Crowdfunding is currently underway via Indiegogo, with multiple price points and upgrades available.

Chaos Collection gathers 13 bands representing the Japanese rock and visual kei scene, including names like heidi., THE SOUND BEE HD, and DaizyStripper. Each band selected one track to contribute to the album, including two newly recorded tracks and one exclusive remix!

The crowdfunding campaign, which runs through November 7, aims to raise funds to cover costs such as song rights and CD production. The most basic pledge includes a copy of Chaos Collection at a discounted price of 25 USD (regularly 30 USD).

Additional upgrades include a limited edition photobook, Chaotic Harmony merchandise, “Backstage Pass” personalized comment videos from bands, or private “Meet and Greet” sessions.

Private “Meet and Greet” sessions will be held over Zoom, with a member of your choice from the band INITIAL’L or Flutter Echo.

“Backstage Pass” comment videos will be recorded with the full band present and personalized just for you. Bands offering personalized comment videos are heidi., DaizyStripper, THE SOUND BEE HD, Flutter Echo, Sick2, ZON, INITIAL’L, and LANTANA.

The goal of this omnibus album is to help spread Jrock and visual kei to new listeners, providing a solid introduction to a variety of bands and musical styles. Chaotic Harmony is the first American company to release an omnibus of Japanese rock and visual kei music.

Chaos Collection: A V-kei and J-rock Compilation Album

Order of tracklist to be announced, but will include:

  • THE SOUND BEE HD- Reborn
  • DaizyStripper- Hanareta toki ni ai ha
  • Flutter Echo- I am your sunlight
  • Sick²- CRAZY TOKYO
  • ZON- Shock!!
  • heidi.- Ichibetsu Chaos Collection Mix (exclusive remix!)
  • THE GALLO- Kyoukutou Kaizokudan -Kamui-
  • ANONYMOUS- Paradise Lost (new track!)
  • Leetspeak monsters- Gothic
  • D=OUT- Kigan
  • Initial’L- The One (new track!)
  • LANTANA- Liberate

Jacket for the omnibus album “Chaos Collection”, featuring artwork by Grady Williams.

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