Hazuki, vocalist of the on-hiatus band “lynch.”, will release his first single “XANADU / HEROIN(E)” physically on March 26 via mail-order, under his newly established solo project simply named “HAZUKI”. The single will later be available digitally starting April 1 on major streaming platforms.

XANADU / HEROIN(E) is also the first of two singles that will be released in two consecutive months. The details for the second single are scheduled to be announced at a later date.

Not only will we see two new singles, but it has also been revealed that guitarist PABLO of Pay money To my Pain is taking part in both of the works. PABLO is in charge of arranging the music and playing the guitar.

Both Hazuki and PABLO published a statement regarding this collaboration:


These six songs will be the first that you’ll be able to listen to from a collection of tracks.

I asked PABLO to collaborate with me to create music and find a sound that isn’t my own, and I’m very impressed by the wonderful thing that we’ve created.

It’s me, but it doesn’t feel like me. Please look forward to this new music.


Having known each other for over 10 years, this project is the result of our respect for each other as musicians.

I’m very happy to be so deeply involved in it. I’ll do my best.

HAZUKI 『XANADU / HEROIN(E)』全曲試聴クロスフェード

Before the general sale on March 26; fans who have signed up to become members at “HAZUKI” for a monthly fee, are granted the privilege to purchase the single with exclusive bonus content. There are two order periods that grant you different perks.

  • Order period 1: March 1, at 00:00 (JST) to March 6, at 00:00 (JST).
    • Physical copy of single XANADU / HEROIN(E), ships on March 25.
    • Enter a lottery for an autographed artist photo postcard limited to 500.
  • Order period 2: March 7, at 00:00 (JST) to March 13, at 00:00 (JST).
    • Physical copy of single XANADU / HEROIN(E), ships on March 25.
    • Members obtain the same artist photo postcard but with no autograph.
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  2. HEROIN(E)
  3. Memai (CD Limited Bonus Track)
    眩暈 (CD Limited Bonus Track)