POLKADOT STINGRAY digitally released their song dude on January 29 and accompanied by a restaurant-themed music video featuring a comical love story, one that’s full of twists and turns.

The music video’s description sets the scene with everything taking place in the made-up popular Italian restaurant of Kuroneko. It’s here a waiter named “dude”, played by the handsome and charismatic vocalist and guitarist Shizuka, falls into a one-sidedly love with the beautiful waitress named Barbie. One day, the waiter dude decides to confess his love for Barbie through a love letter. This is a story of the trials and tribulations of delivering this love letter to her.


Alongside Shizuka playing as a waiter, guitarist Harushi Ejima also plays a waiter, while bassist Yuki Uemura and drummer Kazuma Mitsuyasu are the chefs. Then there’s the heartwarming interaction between the band members, the exaggerated reactions to every pivotal situation, and the brilliant reactive choreography making this music video such a joy to watch.

The playful, free-flowing vocals, funky guitars and bass, simple but dominant drum beat, and brass instruments lend themselves well to the dancers, or shall we say, diners at their tables.

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