The all-female steampunk metal band, FATE GEAR, is ready to once again take on the overseas crowd with a European tour! Dubbed “Battle Against Justice Tour 2022”, these brave warriors will occupy 15 cities during their month-long tour this spring. The news comes after the band made teasers on social media back in December and earlier this month, but now we finally have the show dates ready!

Due to the scheduling, the lineup will be altered during the course of the tour. Drummer Haruka will be participating until May 3 and from there, guest drummer idyako will finish off the rest of the dates. The remaining lineup is as follows: guitarist and leader Mina, guest vocalist NANA, guest bassist Erika, and keyboardist Yuri.

More information regarding ticket sales will be available at a later point.

Battle Against Justice Tour 2022

Date Country City Venue Tickets
April 28 Germany Weinheim Cafe Central Info
April 29 Austria Feldkirch Rauch Club Info
April 30 Switzerland Rorschach Treppenhaus Info
May 1 Germany Fürstenfeldbruck Animuc Info
May 2 Austria Graz Explosiv Info
May 3 United Kingdom London Underworld Info
May 4 Germany Wolfsburg Schwimmbad Club Info
May 5 Germany Oberhausen Kulttempel Info
May 6 Germany Rüsselsheim Das Rind Info
May 7 Switzerland Thonex La Barakason Info
May 8 France Lyon Japan Touch at Eurexpo Info
May 9 France Barberaz Brin De Zink Info
May 10 Belgium Huy L’Atelier Rock Info
May 11 Netherlands Eindhoven Effenaar Info
May 12 Netherlands Rotterdam Baroeg Info
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