Composer ryo (supercell), along with vocalists mafumafu and gaku, are creating the opening theme song for the upcoming anime “takt op.Destiny” (pronounced “takt opus destiny”). It is an original anime combining action, and classical music, that is set to air on October 6.

The title of the song is appropriately named takt (タクト), and so far, we’ve received a few words from the musicians about the theme song. But before that, let’s get some context as to what the anime is all about.

Set in a dystopic future in the United States, the year 2047, the world has been invaded by interstellar beings called “D2”. It was on the night when the “black meteorite” struck the earth that changed everything. Music—the weakness of D2—was quickly eradicated from the world, robbing away the “light” from the people. However, hope still exists thanks to “Musicart” who are those holding the power of music. Together with their companions “Conductors”, they oppose the dark force.

TVアニメ『takt op.Destiny』ティザーPV

If the concept speaks to you, it’s worth noting that “takt op.” is a mixed-media project that not only includes an anime, but also a game that will come to iOS and Android.

Regarding the musicians’ comments, vocalists mafumafu and gaku stated how it was an honor to take part in the project and wanted to express the world view of “takt op.”. While lyricist, composer, and arranger ryo (supercell) gives an overview of the vocal elements that make up the song takt.

This is ryo (supercell), who is in charge of all the aspects of the song except the vocals.

Through mafumafu’s singing, we’re reminded that we were all once teenage girls and boys in the past. Through gaku’s voice, it allows us to recall our fragilness. This duet brilliantly depicts the universe of the anime so please give it a listen.

The anime “takt op.Destiny” will start airing on October 6 in Japan on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, BS TV Tokyo, and more. Streaming will be available on Amazon Prime Video an hour after its broadcast.

The original character designs are by LAM, an illustrator who also worked with the female metal band Aldious on their artwork for the album “Evoke II”. One of the prominent features of LAM’s illustrations, in general, is the striking eye design.

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