Calling all Aldious fans outside of Japan! We have an international edition of Evoke II 2010-2020 coming to our shores, courtesy of JPU Records.

Dropping on January 29, this version of the album features English lyric translations and Romaji lyric transliterations for fans worldwide. You’ll hear the voice of the new vocalist R!N on nine re-recorded tracks that defined the career of Aldious. R!N joined in August 2019 and was also known as “Gemie” during her solo career. Her previous work includes tracks for animation Attack on Titan and Gundam, but Aldious would be her first experience in singing for a heavy metal band. See her perform Luft at Aldious Debut 10th Anniversary No Audience Live 2020, the first track featured on Evoke II 2010-2020.

On the release of Evoke II 2010-2020, Aldious’ co-founder and guitarist Yoshi comments:

I was disappointed that the five of us wouldn’t be able to get together in the studio and record something new. In order to record an original full studio album, we would require lots of people working together in close quarters for long periods of time. That is something that we want to avoid right now.

Besides us, the sound engineers and technicians work with lots of other artists as well. We didn’t want to be the band that caused so many others to get sick. But if we only did vocal recording then we could slim the number of people who needed to be present down to just two: R!N and one engineer.

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  1. Luft
  2. Re:fire
  3. Believe Myself
  4. Reincarnation
  5. kanashii otoko
  6. Confusion
  7. White Crow
  8. STEP
  9. fragile
  • Booklet: English lyric translations and Romaji lyric transliterations