After years without a new release, Nagoya kei rockers deadman returned from the grave to announce a best-of compilation album coming this December.

Details are still to come, but what we know so far is shocking—this album will be re-recorded featuring the final member lineup before the band ceased activities in 2006. For the first time in years, fans will hear newly recorded tracks including vocalist Maco, guitarist aie, bassist kazuya, and drummer Toki.

Last but not least, the album will also include a brand new song!

The announcement came last Friday, along with dates for a 2022 domestic tour. Although the 2006 lineup reunited to record the best-of album, the remaining permanent members Maco and aie will continue to use support musicians while touring.

Next year’s tour will feature bassist kazu, who also plays in aie’s band gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy, and Asanao, the drummer of “lynch.“.

deadman and lynch. recently shared a stage at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, under the clever collaborative name “David Lynch”. The event was even available to stream internationally, a truly rare opportunity for foreign deadman fans.

Though we can only speculate on deadman’s best-of album at this point, we’re shocked and excited to see activities pick up again. The past two years have held many unexpected occurrences, but finally, we’re glad to report some happy news.

Vocalist Maco performs at one of deadman’s comeback performances.

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