As a first step in their new form and a final farewell to previous member, guitarist Kaz, VORCHAOS has released a lyric music video for the as-yet-unreleased new track, Tear drop! Not only do fans get to listen to Tear drop for the first time outside of a concert, the band also released new member images to mark their first steps as a four-member unit.

Releasing on June 5, 2021, a week after the farewell livestream performance on May 28 for ex-guitarist Kaz, Tear drop brings together all the elements that make VORCHAOS stand out. The video itself is a collaboration between guitarist yuzo and video creator Nikka Ikeda. The hard-hitting verses, with vocalist Jun’s powerful screams and squeals atop crunchy riffs, are laid over night-scenes and chaotic, glitchy cityscapes; whereas, the catchy, uplifting chorus is paired with images of bright, blue skies, and sparkling guitars. Finally, the recording also features the voices of fans captured at the band’s previous one man show, Shinsekai, back in November 2019.

Watch the lyric video for “Tear drop” down below!

Just as Tear drop reminds us that cloudy skies will give way to rainbows, the new artist images for VORCHAOS show the band in a totally different light!

With bright smiles under blue skies, it’s clear that the band is looking to the future in these colorful, cheerful images. We can’t wait to see what’s waiting on the horizon, either.

VORCHAOS members from left to right: Fuji, USHI, Jun, and yuzo

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