Ashmaze. will release their second single Kawaki on June 30 with the title track, second track Yurari, and their respective instrumentals. It will also come with a DVD featuring the music video for Kawaki and its behind the scenes footage.

This announcement also saw them reveal the music video for the symphonic, eerie, and dark-sounding Kawaki. There is a great emphasis on these elements with negative red visual effects and clips of a lone woman aimlessly walking.

As a word of warning, this video could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy so viewer discretion is advised.

Ashmaze. - 渇き (Official Music Video)

The band performs in a wide-open space, beneath a massively round ceiling light beaming down upon them, creating a visually striking image for the video. Then there’s the revolving light creating the illusion that each member is in the middle of a raging cyclone.

Ashmaze. is once again able to create a soundscape that is technical, brutal, and, intense. The symphonic elements elevate the overall composition by setting the mood, showing a more dramatic side to their breadth of work.

Artist photos for Kawaki were revealed also with the standouts being bassist Ryu in a long, flowing black dress complete with a glittering tiara, brooch, and earring. Then we have guitarist Shiyu dressed in more classical attire.

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  1. Kawaki
  2. Yurari
  3. Kawaki -Instrumental ver.-
    渇き -Instrumental ver.-
  4. Yuraru -Instrumental ver.-
    ゆらり -Instrumental ver.-
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