Musical artist Ado—well known for the controversial song Usseewa with over 150 million views—has made another splash with the new song Yoru no Pierrot (夜のピエロ), featuring arrangement and lyrics by Vocaloid producer biz.

The track comes with a music video that puts the spotlight on the futuristic art provided by illustrator Keigo Inoue, who is responsible for the artwork as well. Together, they took over the famous landmark that is Shibuya Crossing on its release day, June 14 at 19:00 (JST), airing the full music video Yoru no Pierrot across five advertising screens. The stunt immediately created a conversation on social media and became a trending topic.

You can watch the music video for Yoru no Pierrot here, and further down below, a clip of it playing all around Shibuya Crossing.

Yoru no Pierrot aired across five advertising screens:

In the second part of the video, we can even hear people applauding as the music video ends.

About Ado

Ado became one of the hottest musicians in Japan in 2020 with the song Usseewa (meaning “Shut up”), composed by the Vocaloid producer syudou. The song created a controversial debate due to the message of the song, where an entity shares their disapproving and dismissing inner thoughts. These ideas, such as not wanting to oblige to seniority and many more, are opposed to what Japanese people would normally dare to voice in a public setting. As such, the rebellious song resonated well with the younger generation and eventually took off and became an anthem for the Japanese youth.

For Yoru no Pierrot, Ado has once again collaborated with Vocaloid trackmaker biz, who previously created the song Freudmeta.

About Keigo Inoue

After working as an assistant to a manga artist, the Osaka-born Keigo Inoue went on to forge his own path as an illustrator. His art, which offers vivid colors and cyberpunk-esque themes, has grabbed international attention and he started to rise on social media in 2020. Thanks to his previous experience as a dance artist, he’s well versed in street culture and this can easily be identified in his art.

Besides working with Ado, Inoue has previously collaborated with musical artist Eve, and the virtual idol Kizuna Ai.

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