After previously releasing the music video Top of the “M” from the latest album Unfinished, Unlucky Morpheus brings yet another explosive video “M” Revolution that is the second work in the “M”-series.

“M” Revolution offers speedy melodic metal tunes but also brings in elements of anime music (anisong). As stated by guitarist Shiren, it’s a gateway for those who aren’t used to metal but enjoy the harder type of rock songs by anisong singers like LiSA or Nana Mizuki.

Don’t miss out and experience how powerful this song is through the music video!

For the uninitiated, the cryptic “M” in both Top of the “M” and “M” Revolution are references to mahjong, specifically the “M.League“—a mahjong tournament.

There are plenty of obscure references to M.League considering guitarist and leader Shiren is an enthusiast of mahjong. He is of course the one responsible for writing the song itself—even down to the lyrics.

In a blog post, Shiren highlights and explains all the references in the lyrics. Turns out, almost every line is a reference!

To give you a brief idea, “Kirinji” (麒麟児) can be found in the lyrics and ties in with Uhyosuke, the creator of the serialized mahjong manga “Tetsunaki no Kirinji”. He has a casual manga series on Twitter called “Uhyo League Manga” which essentially is about M.League.

And the single usage of the word “Kaze” (Wind, 風) within a sentence is a reference to mahjong commentator Hiyoshi because it’s a word he uses a lot apparently. Shiren implied that he found it amusing and thus added it in.

There are way too many to cover so we’ll leave the rest of the exploring to you!

As of writing, “M” Revolution hasn’t received a release date but if you haven’t yet, you can pick up their latest album Unfinished which includes songs that share similar traits.

Update 2021-09-14: As of September 11, 2021, the single “M” Revolution has been released in digital stores. It includes the B-side track Top of the “M” (Fuki Birthday Live 2021 ver.).

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  1. "M" Revolution
  2. Top of the "M" (Fuki Birthday Live 2021 ver.)
  1. Unfinished
  2. Unending Sorceress
    Unending Sorceress
  3. Near The End
    Near The End
  4. Kago no tori
  5. Salome
  6. Make your choice
    Make your choice
  7. Top of the "M"
    Top of the "M"
  8. Dogura Magura
    Dogura Magura
  9. Carry on singing to the sky
    Carry on singing to the sky
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