Two music legends meet with YOSHIKI inviting Gene Simmons of KISS for a good ol’ chin-way in a special live-streamed talk session. Live streaming on May 29, 15:00 JST, exclusive to YOSHIKI CHANNEL and members only.

Kick your feet up and join Yoshiki and Gene Simmons as he makes his third appearance on the YOSHIKI CHANNEL. The talk session will cover a range of topics; with the agenda covering their rise to international success, their heritage, and what the future holds.

Yoshiki backstage with KISS after their 2019 TOKYO DOME performance.

Yoshiki and Gene Simmons are no strangers having met on multiple occasions before including a surprise appearance from Yoshiki at KISS’ Tokyo Dome performance in December 2019. Being well acquaintanced, this talk session will hopefully lead to a comfortable and easy flow of conversation between two musically like-minded individuals.

Remember, this is YOSHIKI CHANNEL members-only content. So take a couple of minutes to sign up to Yoshiki’s channel to view this exclusive content and more!

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