Everyone dreams of performing side-by-side with their childhood idols, for some, that dream actually comes true! X-Japan’s leader Yoshiki recently made his dream come true when he joined the legendary rock band KISS on stage to play during the encore. Attendees to KISS’ show at Tokyo Dome on December 11 witnessed how vocalist and guitarist Paul Stanley welcomed Yoshiki to the stage, introducing the drummer as “Japan’s biggest rock star”. Yoshiki greeted Stanley back with a hug, and then sat at the piano, joined by Eric Singer on vocals to play the band’s highest-charting song in the US, Beth. After the performance of Beth, Eric Singer gave up his seat at the drums to Yoshiki, who took them by storm to perform the final song on the setlist, the fan-favorite Rock and Roll All Nite.

This performance became the second time in history that KISS performed with another artist on stage!

The quartet band KISS, co-founded by the “starchild” Paul Stanley, and the “demon” Gene Simmons is currently performing the Asian leg of their “End of the Road World Tour” consisting of five shows across Japan. YOSHIKI confirmed he will also perform with KISS at their Osaka performance at the Kyocera Dome on December 17.

Fans at the Tokyo Dome were not only lucky to see a once in a lifetime collaboration but also to listen to Beth live as the said song is rarely included in the setlist of a KISS concert. The song, originally written and sung by former drummer Peter Criss, had been removed from the setlists when Criss departed from the group in 2004. The song reappeared live in 2010 with current drummer Eric Singer on vocals and again at the “End of the Road World Tour”.

It was also announced that Yoshiki featuring KISS, creatively referred to as “YOSHIKISS“, will join NHK’s 70th Kohaku Uta Gassen for a special performance. This is a popular show which is scheduled for New Year’s Eve, even US-residents can watch it too via TV Japan.

Additionally, the legendary KISS will have their last show ever on July 17, 2021 in New York City.

KISS was a very important part of Yoshiki’s childhood as their music helped him deal with the sorrow caused by the sudden passing of his father. Yoshiki already interested in classical music at the age of ten, and taking piano lessons, then became interested in playing guitar and drums. He soon found out banging the drums was a good way to relieve pain. You can read more about his past in our interview.

Hours before the December 11 show, Yoshiki tweeted out how grateful and excited he was to join KISS on stage:

KISS saved my life..
Tonight, my dream will come true!

Among the many posts and re-posts in Yoshiki’s social media regarding the unforgettable performance with KISS, we could also find birthday reminder of X Japan’s eternal guitarist hide.


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