Have you had enough of the typical cookie-cutter pop music? Well, it looks like that’s the case for One Eye Closed and at the same time, it is why the band’s latest digital single “All of Us” is a pop song—ironic, right? You can grab the single starting today on all major digital platforms.

Despite “All of Us” being a relatively poppy piece, it offers way more than that. Bringing in additional flavors from funk and jazz, you will soon notice that the guitar and bass are more technical than what the average Joe can handle.

Although, where the main satiric part actually lies is within the lyrics by vocalist REI. In it, we’re lead into the eyes of an individual who is forced to live by the rules of society, where every day is the same repetitive task. The concept is further developed and passed on to the perspective of musicians, how they’re pressured to follow pop trends to ensure their work hits the charts—a slippery slope to an unfulfilled life. And this is exactly why the message of the lyrics is for people to not be afraid to push boundaries.

The band describes the music video with these words:

We wanted to put an easy-to-digest image of the whole “cookie-cutter” society by forming our music video around the idea of a dystopian world in the future where it’s essentially an exaggerated version of the modern world, a society where we’re pressured to be the same (especially in Japan).

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  1. All of Us
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