ACME released their most ambitious creation, Come Back To You, on March 29 and the lead up to this single saw the reveal of the CD artwork and the music video preview, leaving fans wanting more.

We didn’t have to wait long as they have published the trippy and psychedelic music video in its entirety with the band performing in a rundown smoky building. What’s more, it features a black woman, Katie Sachiko Scott, who goes by the stage name KTea, as the focal point of the production—a first for a visual kei band.

Katie can be seen losing herself to the song playing in her headphones and her face appearing on the water’s surface in the bath she’s in. This switches to the band surrounded by green and red lights performing the multifaceted song. The trippy visual effects also greatly accentuate the mood, almost making it look like a fever dream. What’s more, the majority of the song’s lyrics are in English, helping English-speaking audiences grasp a better understanding of the song.

ACME /『Come Back To You』【MV】

The representation of black women like Katie is important in a scene like visual kei that has a long history of casting predominantly white men, women, and children for their music videos. It’s also important for black women who are into visual kei to see themselves represented in media such as this and to know that something like this is possible.

It’s sad and disappointing that it took how many years to get to this point, however, as a black writer myself, this is brilliant to see. The work is far from done, and hopefully, this will push other band management in the scene to follow suit.

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