UVERworld will release its single HOURGLASS on March 10 with the ballad title track featuring as the main theme for the live-action movie adaptation of “Brave: Gunjou Senki. The movie hits cinemas on March 12.

The band’s vocalist TAKUYA published a statement in regards to the movie and song HOURGLASS:

We’ve been shown a preview of the anticipated yet unfinished work, and started our songwriting.

HOURGLASS is not only close to the thoughts and worldview from the work created by the cast and staff, it is topped off with “words” and a “sound” that can only be brought forth by UVERworld.

I’d like you to enjoy the action adventure of the high schoolers growing up while gambling with their lives to protect their friends versus the civil war military commanders and UVERworld’s music.

Regarding the promotion of UVERworld’s theme song, actor Arata Mackenyu who plays the main character Aoi Nishino also chimed in about the song:

The movie “Brave: Gunjou Senki” is a story of a group of high schoolers who end up in the Warring States era through a time slip, surviving and growing together with their friends.

Because UVERworld’s song HOURGLASS is added to such a story, its worldview broadens further and it becomes an even more intense story than before in my opinion.

What kind of future will the high schoolers that have been toyed with by history’s hourglass really happen upon? Please enjoy the movie along with UVERworld’s music.

You can hear a snippet of the song from around the 47-second mark.

予告編90秒【3.12 公開】映画『ブレイブ -群青戦記-』

The main website for the movie “Brave: Gunjou Senki” describes it as follows:

Boring classes and club activities that require your 100%. “That day” was another regular high school day in the lives of these kids. Because Nishino Aoi (Arata Mackenyu) of the archery club lacks confidence and doesn’t put any energy into his club activities either, his childhood friend Seno Haruka (Yamazaki Hirona) and Matsumoto Kota (Suzuki Nobuyuki) are concerned over his well-being.

It’s a regular day when thunder strikes the schoolyard and completely changes their everyday lives. The familiar sight of what is beyond the school’s grounds has turned into a field, stretching as far as the eye can see and inside the school building has been raided by sword-wielding samurai, sending the high schoolers into a panic! As the pupils get defeated one by one, Aoi, notices the school has been suddenly time slipped into the famous “Battle of Okehazama” from the Warring States period.

Will they ever be able to survive the Warring States period and return to their peaceful present? Now, a story that couldn’t be told before since unfolding in the past, the unparalleled battle of the high school athletes versus the Warring States commanders begins!

The snippet of the song presents an uplifting ballad that will get arms slowly waving, lights glowing, and fans singing at arena performances.

The artist photo that accompanies the release sees the band engulfed by a blinding white light as they pose for the camera. This is carried over to the CD covers giving the entire promotion a clean and slick look.


HOURGLASS will come in a regular edition with four songs in total with a coupling track, movie edit of the title track, and instrumental for HOURGLASS.  The limited edition adds a DVD featuring songs HOURGLASS and ROB THE FRONTIER performed at their “ARENA LIVE at Yokohama Arena 2020.12.21”. This is followed by AS ONE performed at their Premium Live on Xmas at “Nippon Budokan 2020.12.25”.

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  2. Teenage Love
  3. HOURGLASS (Movie Edit)
  4. HOURGLASS (Instrumental)
  2. Teenage Love
  3. HOURGLASS (Movie Edit)
  4. HOURGLASS (Instrumental)
  1. "HOURGLASS" (ARENA LIVE at Yokohama Arena 2020.12.21)
    『HOURGLASS』 (ARENA LIVE at Yokohama Arena2020.12.21)
  2. "ROB THE FRONTIER" (ARENA LIVE at Yokohama Arena 2020.12.21)
    『ROB THE FRONTIER』 (ARENA LIVE at Yokohama Arena2020.12.21)
  3. "AS ONE" (Premium Live on Xmas at Nippon Budokan 2020.12.25)
    『AS ONE』 (Premium Live on Xmas at Nippon Budokan2020.12.25)