Turns out, vocalist Tatsuro of MUCC has recently been working out at the private gym “MIRO” which is run by Psycho le Cému‘s vocalist DAISHI! In the 27th episode of “MUCK ON!TV”, we get to see Tatsuro being coached by DAISHI, and he is also joined by guest Dancho (NoGoD‘s vocalist), and cameraman YUKKE (MUCC‘s bassist).

We find out that the one who inspired DAISHI to pick up barbells was no other than senpai Yoshiki of X Japan. After having appeared on Yoshiki Channel, DAISHI invited him for a drink but he gracefully declined due to his workout schedule.

DAISHI felt somewhat ashamed of his behavior, because not only is Yoshiki fluent in English and can play several instruments, but he also makes sure to take care of his body. As mastering all of these skills is quite a challenge, DAISHI decided to focus on one of them—training. After finding joy at the gym, he eventually started his own!

For those who haven’t previously seen DAISHI’s muscular and low-fat body before, it might come as a surprise to you how fit this man really is. Normally when doing band activities, he’s typically dressed in comical clothing or armor that resembles classic JRPG characters, but under the hood lies a well-maintained body that even received 4th place in a fitness competition.

In this episode, we’ll see Tatsuro, Dancho, and YUKKE suffer through an intense—actually, it’s not that intense of a workout, but it looks more like the guys haven’t done much exercise lately. At least we can all agree that it doesn’t look as intense compared to GACKT’s routines—if you know what we mean?

We also get a lot of tips on how to train efficiently, lose weight, and even pick up some useful trivia about our bodies.

Check out the episode for yourself and make sure to turn on the English subtitles before watching!

『MUCK ON!TV』#027「逹瑯!団長の!トレーニングの裏側全部見せますSP!」(試食版)

If you found this useful and interesting, there is an uncut version over at MUCC’s official website, however, it’s only accessible if you’re a fan club member.

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