It’s been a while since we’ve released any new merch for JROCK NEWS, so it’s about time we give your wardrobe a little refresher with some new prints.

Between it being a bitter tribute to the tours we should have attended, this new design is a toast to 2020—the year where the world of live music slowed down to a crawl. Virtual live broadcasts are alright, but it’s not the same without you sweaty chaotic demons in the crowd. Maybe we miss you folks, just a little bit, so we made up this faux tour so we can at least pretend.

Peeping out from the logo is our new mascot by Krai who won the design competition. If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen that she received this range early as the winner.

We have a unisex T-shirt ($20), a long sleeve shirt ($35), a towel ($50), and an A2 sized poster ($12) for this range and it will drop on Thursday, August 13, 00:01 am GMT. This print is limited to 50 of the T-shirt and long sleeve prints total. Orders will be made once we hit the target. For now, take a look at the designs.

Update: The STAY AT HOME range is now online.

Update 2 (Aug 19): Sold out. Thank you!



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