Some exciting and new developments have taken place with Matenrou Opera (摩天楼オペラ)! On August 1, the band announced it has begun operating independently of its former label Bellwood Records. Moreover, the group has established “ether corporation” as its new headquarters and renewed its website accordingly. Vocalist Sono, the founder, and president of the company took to Twitter to say this:

Today, Matenrou Opera became independent. When I started my solo project Unmei Kousaten, I also created my company with the idea that someday, it will also welcome Matenrou Opera. It went faster than planned, but I thought it was the perfect timing for the five of us to rise. From now on, please keep supporting Matenrou Opera! — Sono (苑)

In other good news, Matenrou Opera will further announce its independence to fans on August 5, during the online event, ONLINE Matenrou #1 -Things Will Get Better-, and hold an acoustic performance as well.

Update 2020-08-4: Matenrou Opera revealed the time and platform of the free August 5 event, ONLINE Matenrou #1. The broadcast will start at 20:30 (JST) on the band’s official YouTube channel. Be sure not to miss it by subscribing to the channel and turning on all notifications.

Following that, the band will broadcast a second event, Matenrou Opera presents 13th Anniversary Live & After Party, on August 15.

Details regarding where these events will take place are still unknown, but we’ll share all new information as it comes.

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