ZAQ will release single Inochi no Akashi (Proof of Life) on August 19 which is currently the opening theme for season two of anime Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation.

This also sees the hectic, bass-slap driven song accompanied by a music video featuring two young boys trespassing into a haunted house where the creepy and supernatural unfolds around them.

ZAQ / イノチノアカシ -Music video full size- TVアニメ『ムヒョとロージーの魔法律相談事務所』オープニング主題歌

Credited as the composer, arranger, and lyricist; ZAQ commented on Inochi no Akashi saying that the theme revolves around the main character Roji. It conveys the message that creating bonds with others can help you grow as a person and subsequently, becoming a reason to live.

In the song, we can experience how ZAQ sings at speed alongside scratchy guitars, an abundance of bass slaps, and expressive drumming.

What’s more, involved in its creation is an all-star cast of musicians. The team consists of guitarist yuxuki waga of fhána; bassist IKUO of BULL ZEICHEN 88, who also previously was involved in BABYMETAL’s KamiBand; as well as drummer Hiroyuki Suzuki of THE KEBABS.

For those interested in the series, the following video shows a snippet of what you can expect from the anime:

Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Season 2 | Official Trailer

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  1. イノチノアカシ
    Inochi no Akashi
  2. 未定