RAZOR will treat their fans to a present in the form of a live limited single titled NEW WORLD. This will be a present for those attending the band’s KT YOKOHAMA performance on August 2. The band has also provided a preview of this new song illustrating mysterious sound effects and sorrowful guitar riffs.


Out of the gate, you can hear that the song strongly relies on the sound effects, allowing the low bass to take the forefront. Then there’s the guitar section playing in short bursts with NEW WORLD ending with an upbeat chorus that still retains this melancholic atmosphere. If you thoroughly enjoyed RAZOR’s the CORE mini-album, then you’ll love this!

Unfortunately for me, it fails to grab my attention with the energy feeling quite different from anything they’ve produced before. I might’ve been indifferent if it was a B-side or on a mini-album though. However, it does give them the chance to try out something new so I respect that.

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