In less than two weeks time, on November 22, RAZOR will release mini-album, the CORE, and in turn, have not only uploaded a lyric video for Kimi wa Ima mo Azayaka ni but now there is a preview trailer for six of the seven songs.

Its hard to gather what the final outcome will be at this point, but most of the songs seem to put an emphasis on sound effects. The utilization of clean vocals is also prevalent throughout and while the instrumentation is still heavy, the energy is different.

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the CORE


  1. the CORE
  2. ROAD
  3. Kienai Itami (消えない痛み)
  4. Innocence (イノセンス)
  5. Labyrinth
  6. Kimi wa Ima mo Azayaka ni (君は今も鮮やかに)
  7. Sonogo no Sekai (その後の世界)


  1. Kienai Itami (消えない痛み) Music Video

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