Xaa-Xaa (ザアザア) have a new single by the title Ashita Hareruto Iina (明日晴れるといいな) that will land in digital stores on June 7. The animated lyric video follows in the footsteps of the title, which can loosely be translated to “I hope it will clear up tomorrow”, showing a lone character waiting for a downpour to come to an end.

As stated by the band, they wrote the song for the first performance of their one-man tour that was supposed to happen on April 24. However, due to the pandemic, the concert was canceled. Despite this, the band chose to release the song so their message can reach all of their fans!

Something else that will reach fans on June 7 is a live concert that will stream on their YouTube channel at 18:00 (JST). If you’d like to check that out be sure to set a reminder for it here.

Ashita Hareruto Iina


  1. Ashita Hareruto Iina
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