No, it’s not a dream! 12012 has finally returned from its five-year hiatus! Last Sunday, the members summoned their fans to hear them out on an undisclosed matter via TwitCasting. Little did they know the band would drop this bombshell of an announcement, revealing their plan to restart activities. As astonishing as this news is, fans were even more shocked to find out former guitarist Yusuke Suga will rejoin the lineup, turning 12012 into a six-piece band! It’ll undoubtedly be interesting to hear how they’ll use three guitarists in their new songs.

While the reunion is confirmed, it is unclear how or when the band will officially make their return as no music releases or a reunion concert have been announced yet. However, the members shared comments to let us know they are just as excited as we are about this new chapter in their history!

The 12012 official Twitter is active again! I had trouble logging in [laughs]. Please follow us for more information coming soon.

We’re back! I wonder how things will be? I wonder what we’ll make? I’m going to push myself in order to make our best work! Please look forward to it!

I don’t regret the things that have happened until now. It’s been 10 years since we stopped. At our last show, I said “See you”, and it finally feels like I’ll be able to pick up that flag I planted again. Nothing has changed, nothing will change. We’ll carry on. I hope you’ll support us this time, too.

Thanks for all the love. By the way, 12012 is coming for you.

Restart. Well, more like starting close to zero again. even we don’t know what’s going to happen from here. To our fans, and those who have supported us, let’s aim for a world that we’ve never seen before. If we can achieve that together, wouldn’t that be nice?

12012 was formed in 2003 by vocalist Wataru, guitarists Hiroaki and Yusuke, bassist Tomoyuki, and drummer Toru. Guitarist Yusuke departed from the band back in 2010. They continued with four members until 2013 when support guitarist Shinichirou Saitou officially joined. Just a year later 12012 entered an indefinite hiatus in December 2014 following the release of their last piece of music, the mini-album titled XII.

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