Music label MAVERICK DC GROUP has published the entire LIVE at Trigger in the Box 2019 recording on YouTube to help curb boredom during the lockdown period.

Originally held on December 28, 2019 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, the annual event organized by MUCC showcasing MAVERICK’s finest is now completely free to watch at any time on YouTube. Starting with the three main acts⁠—MUCC, HYDE, and Ken—each has act almost hour-long performance, followed by sets of shorter shows from DEZERT, OLDCODEX, D’ERLANGER, and 44MAGNUM. You can play the entire concert on the playlist below.

Playlist: エアTITB 裏実況リベンジ配信

That should keep us busy for a good couple of hours. We’ve noticed a recent trend of bands and artists uploading the complete live performances onto YouTube which is amazing. Do you have a live performance video you would like to recommend for other readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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