VERSAILLES has announced it is orchestrating a new single titled, EMPEROR, scheduled to arrive on July 15! This will be the first single in eight years since the release of ROSE in 2012 before the band went into hiatus. Passionate fans around the world who’ve been waiting for this bloomed with elation at the news, reaffirming VERSAILLES’ royal-esque status in the scene.

We are Versailles! Hundreds of fans on Facebook and Twitter showered the comment sections with their undying love for the band. The sentiment was echoed on other parts of the web, too. Check out the announcement teaser that set everyone, including us, ablaze with excitement:

The last time we got new music from VERSAILLES was the rare, venue-limited EP, Lineage~Bara no Matsuei~, that was dispersed at a concert in 2017 then released digitally at a later date. EMPEROR will be the Philharmonic Quintet’s first physical, national release to include new recordings since the greatest hits album from 2016, which featured two, brand new songs. Soon, we’ll have a new CD to hold in hand!

In other relevant news, vocalist KAMIJO and guitarist HIZAKI, under “HIZAKI grace project”, will release a work of their own, PERSONA and PAVANE respectively on July 15, too. So mark your calendar for this special date!

Little detail is known regarding these three releases, but as with all things, it will come in due season! JROCK NEWS will be here to share it with you then. Meanwhile, we want you to keep the hype train rolling by sharing your thoughts with us!

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