Former NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST guitarist Daichi will release digital single viscera in February under the solo project name Daichi by frostviscera.

In addition to the digital single, Daichi has planned a showcase titled Daichi by frostviscera launch showcase Solo Works 2020/SS “Prayers Dance” where he will be guested by SLOTHREAT and Tomy Wealth, taking place on June 28 at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE. As for the support members, we can find guitarist Kuruto of Arlequin, bassist YUCHI of sukekiyo, drummer Kunio Ookuma of WHITEHEAD and ANONYMOUS, as well as the manipulator and pianist Noda Daisuke.

Daichi by frostviscera digital single poster for “viscera”



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  1. viscera

More info:
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Instagram (Kunio Ookuma)

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