gulu gulu released single Kubiwa Kyouiku no Susume on November 5, however, it wasn’t until recently that the band revealed its music video!

Focusing on the boy eating noodles alone in the dark at the dinner table, it transitions to the visibly scared mother speaking to the father before getting angry at her at the same table. You can see the venom in that father’s words and a sour expression overcoming his face as he shouts, shaking her. Little does he know that the boy is listening in from just around the corner before leaving to puke in the toilet.

It then progressed to the father figure angrily shouting at the boy’s mother in the living room, with the boy tightly shutting his eyes and covering his ears as he lays in bed. He gets up eventually to see what’s happening and peeps through the slightly opened door, only to see the father figure throw a pillow at the mother. He then picks up a clock—to which the boy runs in and the mother hugs to protect before he can hit her—stopping him in his tracks.

Regardless, he follows through and lands a hit on her forehead, leading the boy to leave the house at speed with the mother looking for him. Soon after finding him crouched up somewhere, the boy smiles in relief when he sees his mother’s face.

This is, of course, not without performing the intense and playful title track in what seems to be a theatre of some sort with chairs stacked upon each other. However, its the chorus that is addictive as vocalist uses the band name “gulu gulu” as part of a lyric line, making it extremely effective and unforgettable. “Guru guru” (ぐるぐる) is also the sound effect for something going around in circles, so the spinning text is a well thought out visual that emphasizes the rotating message in the video.

Initially, the band revealed an exciting 360-degree music video of Kubiwa Kyouiku no Susume featuring the band performing the title track in a rehearsal studio fitted with blue lights, adding to the whole experience which you can check out below.

Kubiwa Kyouiku no Susume comes in “taishu” and “strong” editions with first, third, and fifth tracks consisting of gulu gulu Radio Kyoushitsu being labeled accordingly to the edition. The tracklist stays the same throughout regardless so I can only guess that they will sound different. Tracklist and artist photos are located below.

Kubiwa Kyouiku no Susume (首輪教育のすすめ)

Taishu Edition


  1. gulu gulu Radio Kyoushitsu ~OP Taishuu Toku~ (ぐるぐるラヂオ教室 〜OP大衆トーク〜)
  2. Kubiwa Kyouiku no Susume (首輪教育のすすめ)
  3. gulu gulu Radio Kyoushitsu ~Taishuu Toku~ (ぐるぐるラヂオ教室 〜大衆トーク〜)
  4. Hidarite wa Snuff Flim (左手はスナッフフィルム)
  5. gulu gulu Radio Kyoushitsu ~ED Taishuu Toku~ (ぐるぐるラヂオ教室 〜ED大衆トーク〜)

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Strong Edition


  1. gulu gulu Radio Kyoushitsu ~OP Strong Toku~ (ぐるぐるラヂオ〜OPストロングトーク〜)
  2. Kubiwa Kyouiku no Susume (首輪教育のすすめ)
  3. gulu gulu Radio Kyoushitsu ~Strong Toku~ (ぐるぐるラヂオ教室 〜〜OPストロングトーク〜トーク〜)
  4. Hidarite wa Snuff Flim (左手はスナッフフィルム)
  5. gulu gulu Radio Kyoushitsu ~ED Strong Toku~ (ぐるぐるラヂオ教室 〜ED〜OPストロングトーク〜トーク〜)

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