RAZOR followed up their initial announcement of single Kanzen Muketsu, out as of November 6, with the music video preview for the title track.

Despite it being a preview, it’s practically the entirety of the song so you get a pretty great idea of how it’s going to play out!


Performing in front of a backdrop that spells out the band’s name in hollowed out letters, lights flash, beam, and wash all over in a manic fashion, and in sometimes colorful ways. It matches well with the quick transitions between members’ closeups of facial expressions and movements, and of course, let’s not forget the expressive vocals and intensity of the composition.

However, as Ryoga is at the forefront of this music video, all of those elements mentioned above are amplified, whether that’s in his costume or the amount of screen time he gets via close-ups—the impression he leaves is incredibly strong.

The members also appear to be personified mostly as weapons, for example, Ryoga’s sword, Tsurugi’s cane, Koryuu’s Nunchuck’s, IZA’s gun, and Tetsuya’s tarot cards. This is undeniably a song you should check out!

Kanzen Muketsu (完全無欠)

Type A


  1. Kanzen Muketsu (完全無欠)
  2. Choice


  1. Kanzen Muketsu (完全無欠) Music Video

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Type B


  1. Kanzen Muketsu (完全無欠)
  2. Choice
  3. Konwaku (困惑)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Ryoga) (猟牙)
Twitter (Tsurugi) (剣)
Twitter (Kouryu) (衍龍)
Twitter (IZA)
Twitter (Tetsuya) (哲也)
Instagram (Ryoga) (猟牙)
Instagram (Tsurugi) (剣)
Instagram (Kouryu) (衍龍)
Instagram (IZA)

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