RAZOR has set their next release in stone as they will release single Kanzen Muketsu on November 6 in types A and B.

Type A contains title track Kanzen Muketsu, followed by coupling track Choice and a DVD with the music video for the title track. This is while type B removes said DVD and has three tracks in total instead, adding Konwaku into the mix.

RAZOR also revealed their artist photos for the release with the band coordinating in black and red. Vocalist Ryoga is almost entirely in red with his blazer, matched with a white shirt, floppy black hat, and corset. Guitarist Tsurugi wears a red skirt and gloves with a black jacket, guitarist Kouryu is coordinated in a changshan and wide-leg trousers. Bassist IZA is adorned in lace and feathers with a similar use of black and red as Kouryuu, and drummer Tetsuya is in a black, fancy and flowy shirt.

Kanzen Muketsu translates to flawless or absolute perfection which I can safely say they’ve accomplished that with this look. It will also be their last single to feature drummer Tetsuya as he will leave the band on November 30.

Kanzen Muketsu (完全無欠)

NowPrinting Type A


  1. Kanzen Muketsu (完全無欠)
  2. Choice


  1. Kanzen Muketsu (完全無欠) Music Video

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NowPrinting Type B


  1. Kanzen Muketsu (完全無欠)
  2. Choice
  3. Konwaku (困惑)

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