It was early on when ACME announced single WONDERFUL WORLD for an October 30 release, bringing style and class alongside a playful design in their artist photos, monochromatic music video preview, tracklist, and CD jacket for the title track.

It’s here we got our first idea of what to expect and following singles, Mononoke’s Requiem and Houkago no Shiiku, and they have seemingly delivered another heavy hitter. However, would this be the same throughout? Was the snippet provided just an elaborate attempt to trick us for it to be something else entirely?

Well, you can rest assured as the full music video has confirmed that it is just as heavy and chant-filled as initially presented.


It is incredibly emotive and this is not only conveyed in CHISA’s vocals but also in his facial expressions and actions. Combined with close-ups of drummer HAL chanting away during the chorus, it lends itself well to the image of the song which is undeniably powerful and unforgettable.

On the note of being unforgettable, ACME will also tour America, specifically, West Coast states Washington, California, and Arizona in early 2020. So don’t forget to grab your tickets before they sell out!



  2. Replay
  3. WONDERFUL WORLD (Karaoke Version)

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